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Those wanting more information on the services can contact the Care Coordination and Medical Wellness and Prevention program at Salem Township Hospital. Salem Township Hospital Director of Risk Management and Quality Improvement Sherri Hopkins Salem Township Hospital is pushing wellness and prevention as the medicare program transitions from reactive to proactive in approach. Director of Risk Management and Quality Improvement Sherri Hopkins told the Salem Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon meeting Wednesday they have begun several efforts to put the emphasis on keeping patients from developing chronic diseases and to receive proper on-going treatment that could keep them out of the hospital. Hopkins says one of them is offering medicare wellness visits that allow for medicare patients to undergo many no cost or low-cost health screenings. "It allows us to be actively involved with them. To perform these screenings, to have early detection and hopefully prevention. And if patients do have the beginning stages of some of these chronic conditions then hopefully these screening tests will allow us to catch it at an early enough time that we can get them on a treatment or regimen plan so we can prevent that condition from worsening and having a negative effect on their overall care." Hopkins says their goal is to make the patient a partner in their health care. The hospital is also utilizing a transitional care program when a patient leaves the hospital. "We are calling the patients within 48 hours of discharge. We are double checking to see did they get their prescription filled?

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