A New Analysis On Handy Products In Fitness

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Indoors, there's no way to measure distance covered. Speed and gait measurement becomes virtually impossible. But WiGait can measure speed and stride-length and how it changes over time to assess changes in health. That information is represented on a companion app. View photos The system, which can be set up to track movement throughout the home (one unit might cover a small, one-bedroom apartment), also uses intelligence to identify the difference between walking and other actions like cleaning and sitting and reading. Researchers claim it's between 95%-to-99% accurate when measuring stride length. As for privacy concerns, there's no camera on WiGait. Walkers are represented as a dot on the screen. Lead author and PhD student Chen-Yu Hsu told me that, initially, the researchers thought this technology could be used to very accurately identify someone's location in a home. The realization that it could be used to track motion and health came later, "when we Isometric Exercises talked to doctors about how gait speed is a very important metric for geriatric medicine." Identifying changes in someone's strides (think shorter steps) could help researchers better understand diseases like Parkinson's, which can be characterized by gradual differences in gait. During the four-to-five months of field study with the devices, the team made some important discoveries. In one instance, researchers detected that a test subject was getting up and pacing in the middle of the night. "Turns out that person had some issue with anxiety," said Hsu.

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No pulling/poking/grabbing, just soft strokes & nice words. Youre doing great! A post shared by Natalie (@bopo.love) on Apr 28, 2017 at Static Contraction Training 4:21am PDT Upon finding this tweet, I have been trying really, really hard to make sure I am kinder to my body, she writes in her Instagram post. Instead of pinching and grabbing, I'm patting. Hi, squish. You're here. And that's okay. My wonderful boyfriend, upon seeing how much this tweet has changed my point of view, has adopted a new saying: pats and rubs only, she continues. Whenever I feel self-conscious about my belly, he gets me to repeat it and give my extra squish a lil pat. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWS Next, she urges her followers to do the same as an act of self-appreciation. No more grabbing. Pats and rubs ONLY.

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